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Is counselling for me?

How do I know if I could use some therapy? Well, how's life working for you? The primary reason people seek counselling is to minimize the effect of uncomfortable or debilitating emotions. Whether it's characterized by depressive disorder, grief, anxiety disorders or stress related issues, pervasive and destructive emotions can powerfully affect your focus/concentration, motivation, energy, sleep, appetite, irritability levels, cognitive functioning as well as contribute to thoughts or attempts of suicide. If you struggle with any of these, by all means, get help as quickly as possible, a visit with your doctor and counselling can change perspective and moods significantly.

The other primary reason to seek counselling is to repair or enrich the relationships in your life. If there is ongoing hurtful conflict or lack of communication don't settle for doing the same, be the change, let us help.

Is your Faith Important to you?

There are many individuals who find that including a spiritual component in their counselling or coaching process is vital, as their faith is a core aspect of their lives. Northshore Counselling Centre has reflected Christian values and principles since it was first founded. With that said, we don't exclude anyone from seeking help and offer our services to those of any faith background. For those who do find faith to be a central element of their lives, we certainly respect and will encourage your faith in God through the sometimes dark and difficult times of your life. Studies have attested to significant progress, depth and speed in healing for those whom faith is important. No matter what your faith you are welcome at Northshore Counselling Centre.

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